Night Child

What would a vampire courtroom look like? How do you test a demon's DNA? Tess Corday answers these questions as an OSI (Occult Special Investigator) working in the city of Vancouver. Using a mixture of cutting-edge forensics technology and old-fashioned magic, Tess solves all manner of violent crimes within the supernatural community. If someone unlawfully kills a goblin or a warlock (and there are plenty in the seedier districts of town), she gets the call. But when a routine murder investigation leads Tess to a thirteen-year-old girl named Mia Polanski, her life is plunged into chaos. Mia is trapped in the middle of a turf-war between vampires and necromancers, and as she struggles to protect the innocent girl, Tess finds herself getting closer each second to a conspiracy that could rock the mystical world. All she has to do is stay alive. But first she needs to unravel the mystery of the NIGHT CHILD

"A dark urban fantasy, pitched [to Ace Books] as Buffy meets CSI."

- from Publisher's Marketplace

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Investigating Farscape: Uncharted Territories of Sex and Science Fiction

"His passionate love for the show breathes in almost every line."

- Roz Kaveney, from cover (read PDF sample of Intro)

"The scope and detail is incredibly impressive...[and] the passion the author has for the material is infectious."

- review

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Blood Relations: Chosen Families In Buffy The Vampire Slayer And Angel

"This is a well-written, well-researched book that provides both Buffy scholars and fans with hours of insightful reading."

- Professor Mary Kirby-Diaz, Journal of Popular Culture

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