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"The 9/11 Commission missed it, but Lynn Spencer nails it -- the dynamite, inside story of heroism on that fateful day. You'll live through hellish decisions with the real players. Well-written, breathtaking."

-- Major General Don Shepperd, USAF (Ret.), coauthor of Bury Us Upside Down, CNN Military Analyst


"Riveting! On that horrible day -- the first battle in a new and terrible form of war in the new century -- there were many heroes. Lynn Spencer introduces us firsthand to those who confronted an unprecedented threat, from desperate air traffic controllers, to government officials, to the pilots in the skies. We all must remember that day, and this fascinating and gripping history of the drama in the skies that day is a must read."

-- Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, former United States ambassador to the United Nations for UN Managment and Reform


"One cannot fully conceptualize 9/11 until reading Lynn Spencer's book, Touching History. Witness how military and civilian commanders and pilots, air traffic controllers, and airline personnel responded to this 21st century attack on United States soil. Through firsthand interviews, she puts us in the cockpits, the control rooms, and on the tarmacs. Insightful. Exciting. Important. You won't put it down."

-- General Richard B. Myers, USAF (Ret.), former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


"As commander of NORAD, I watched 9/11 unfold. Lynn Spencer tells it all and tells it well -- an enthralling read."

-- General Ralph E. Eberhart, USAF (Ret.), former Commander, NORAD and Aerospace Defense Command


"Lynn Spencer has captured the essence of the terror of these events and the courage of the air traffic controllers who experienced first-hand the fallout of these horrific attacks and rose to answer the call in their nation's hour of need."

-- Patrick Forrey, president of the National Air Traffic Controller Association


"We need this book! Far too few Americans really understand what happened in the aviation system of the United States on 9/11: The heroic and selfless decisions and the heartrending attempts of airmen and controllers to respond to a developing catastrophe despite the lack of a viable domestic air defense system. Lynn Spencer has done a masterful job of researching, and then weaving together the story of that day in real-time, pulse-pounding prose. If this superb work doesn’t invigorate a revolution in the way we view the role of air defense for the domestic United States, nothing will. Lynn Spencer’s TOUCHING HISTORY is a deeply moving and page- turning insider’s brief of what really happened in the aviation system on 9/11. There are many heroes here you never met, struggling to respond with an all-but-dismantled system of American air defense."

-- John Nance, author and ABC News Aviation Analyst


"Lynn Spencer, an airline pilot herself, in writing this book has deftly filled that void with the first in-depth look inside the flight decks, air traffic control facilities, airline management offices, and military command centers on 9/11. The fascinating story she tells is one of highly trained and experienced airline and military pilots, air traffic controllers, and others in the airline industry struggling to comprehend and cope with the unthinkable: mass murder of innocent civilians using airliners as human-guided missiles. Spencer creates a spellbinding, minute-by-minute account of the 9/11 story with a level of detail and authenticity that will be appreciated by the most experienced airline pilot and easily understood by the non-pilot reader. The airline pilots’ credo concerning 9/11 is “Never Again, Never Forget.” Spencer's contribution to our understanding of the nation’s reaction to the eventsof that day stands as an invaluable resource that will fire our memories and inspire the continued vigilance of airline pilots worldwide."

-- Capt. John H. Prater, President, Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l





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